1. Meanwhile in Leetonia…



  3. Enjoying the warm weather and priceing some rusty goods for the flea. #shoptheflea



  5. 4-6-14
    Suspension bridge somewhere near the Ohio River and the WV panhandle.


  6. 3-27-14


  7. 3-12-14

    sigh. another winter storm, this one claimed three lives on the highway


  8. One year later. It’s amazing how fast my 365 day project for 2013 went.I think I only missed a day or two, nonetheless, proud that I stuck to it {even if half the shots I took were utter crap}.

    It will be weird not taking a daily photo and sharing it here on tumblr but I still plan on keeping this blog alive. This time around, I’ll share my better works of 2014.

    Thanks for support from everyone! And good luck to anyone starting a new 365 project today! 

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  9. 12-31-13


  10. 12-30-13